We are committed to protecting our environment by adhering to eco-friendly building and development practices as well as utilizing green-energy sources where ever possible.


We believe real estate development requires a thorough appreciation of the preexisting flora, fauna and habitat.  The preservation of the critical aspects of local land systems – such as the hydrologic cycle – keeps our unique destinations intact, and increasingly valuable when carefully developed.  We believe that an ethical approach to development requires incorporating ecology as a stakeholder, thereby allowing improvement to land while preserving the natural qualities that maintain the destination’s long term value. Measuring profits along people, planet and prosperity assures operational efficiency, positive social impact and tangible competitive advantages.


Energy efficiency is increasingly a focus when evaluating the competitiveness and profitability of new and existing properties. Foundation Partners incorporates energy efficient design and operation into every stage of development.  Our philosophy and mode of operation is highly quantitative and metrics driven; and as a result our buyers enjoy a lower cost of living and higher asset values. Foundation Partners proprietary energy guidelines have historically resulted in utility cost reductions of 10% – 20% with relatively low capital investments.  Payback periods have typically been within 1 – 3 years.  These include use of energy efficient appliances, photovoltaic power systems, passive and active energy saving architecture, designs and materials.


As sizeable global populations rapidly urbanize, water security is the one of the largest issues facing the planets ecology and economy over the next decade.  As international real estate developers of communities, it is incumbent that Foundation Partners apply the highest standard of design and management precautions to protect this fragile and irreplaceable natural asset. Foundation Partners believes protection and management of water resources is critical to the sustainability of our developments and the value of the investment in them, as many risks are inextricably tied to water management, access, sanitation, equity, health and ecosystems.


Our innovative approach to the analysis, mitigation and management of our waste streams has differentiated us as a thought leader in the global industry.  From sourcing our amenity wood furniture and flooring from trees previously felled to make roads, to upcycling used water bottles for landscaping requirements; our properties set new standards in waste mitigation – going well beyond “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Beyond waste management infrastructure and processes, many developing countries still lack basic awareness. Foundation Partners addresses these challenges head-on and leads by example, thereby promoting best practices in our host countries.


One of the most important, but least recognized components of sustainability planning is the seamless integration of two populations – expatriate customers who desire to purchase in our developments and indigenous people who are native born. Enabling local populations to enjoy the benefits of our developments – both economic and social – is critical to fostering integration with the local communities.

“We partner with whom we do business and maintain a shared sense of ownership”
– these core principals guide every aspect of our organization: